Do you have a hard time having a spiritual conversation? Have you noticed there seems to be only two ways demonstated today. Either be loud and obnoxious about you rbeliefs, or say nothing and just live a godly life. Well, there is another way that integrates both. Looking at Ignatious of Loyola, Monty discusses a way to live and speak that connects.

We all make choices every day. In fact, choosing is the most spiritual thing you will ever do. But, what do you do when your chooser seems to be broken? What do you do when you don't seem able to make good choices? Join Monty as he looks at four practices that help you make a great choice in the space between stimulus and response!

The Number one difference between the people who have high levels of success and happiness and those that don't is cultivating a positive attitude. Join Monty as he shares five ways to cultivate a positive attitude and enjoy life!

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