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The word that best describes the motivation of Jesus and the heart of God is "splagchnizomai." The Greek word is translated as compassion, or love and compassion, but it is more powerful than that. This type of compassion is an invitation into being more human while experiencing more of the divine. This episode will change the way you think God thinks about you!

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In this episode, Monty walks us into a space where the secular and the sacred distinction dissolves allowing us to embrace and experience the sacred moment that is present.

When we falsely believe that the components of our lives ( body-soul-spirit) are compartmentalized &  separate from each other, we tend to label and make divisions everywhere. This disconnects us from fully living the into the moment that we have. 

Sometimes we finally have a breakthrough moment on retreats, seminars or places like monasteries where the veil between us and God is so thin, and we find ourselves free of the divisions.

The beauty though is when you are able to live fully present wherever you are, you are taking the monastery with you.

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We all make them, but excuses truly keep us from experiencing a fuller and more dynamic life. In this episode Monty looks at the top 10 excuses that he has heard over the years and encourages you to break out of them and find a life a passion and purpose!

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